News Production Workshop – The Underlying Facts

The phrase “News Production Workshop” is a reference to the newsroom and has to do with the totality of tasks in the newsroom.

News itself is the product of so many hands and it is called a bulletin. In the news room there are newsroom staff The editorial board, the editorial meeting, the editorial policy, and the News manufacturing process. Television News by its concept is a thing of beauty and the art that you choose from the TV that complements the technology. Newsroom is the place in which things are developed and transformed from not even a thing to something.

The reporter in the newsroom is the one who creates news or creator of the news, meaning he is the one responsible for creating news. In the newsroom workshop include the director, his assistants and the equipment. The bulletin is the most recent product of the newsroom. The production process of the news starts with the Assignment Editor who assigns a reporter to the beat. The reporter creates or writes an article (a film or a non-film-based story) and sends it to the Duty Editor, who proofreads and edits it for technicalities and news-worthiness. The report is handed to a Production Secretary, who types out a clean version.

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Once again, the Editor will check for typos before assembling then aligns the stories with other stories for the daily bulletin. If it’s an a film piece (for television) or disc, the cassette (or disc) containing the shots or rushes is sent into the audio visual film editor who edits the images to fit the story. After the finalized material is then sent by the Transmission Controller (TC), the scripts which are now included in the bulletins are given an official named the Duty News Caster, who plays it out and casts the live broadcast.

The telecast is directed and supported by the Studio (Floor) Manager Studio Cameramen, Engineers, and other studio staff. Inside the Transmission Control Unit, the Newscast is directed by the Transmission Controller (TC) and assisted by the Sound and Vision Mixers.

It is believed that the News Production Process is concluded by a Post-Mortem analysis. Post-Mortem is an medical term used in journalism to refer to the final touch of the editorial team. In journalism, Post-Mortem analysis refers to the gathering of everyone who are involved in the creation of the day’s bulletin in which they debate or evaluate the success or failures of the day’s News Production Process.

Graphically, the News Production Process follows in this sequence: Assignment Editor Reporter Producer Secretary, Editor Film Editor News Editor, News Caster, Transmission Controller, and Post-Mortem. The process on radio is similar but without visuals.

Vitus Ejiogu is a journalist and publisher with the Fire-Brand Int”l Ministries, a media and communications ministry based in Nigeria. He is also the editor of FOUNDATION SATELLITE magazine, which is also issued by the ministerial.

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