Seeing Is Believing & How Things Ought To Be

I was walking along the beach this morning , enjoying listening to the ocean laps against the sand. My thoughts were in neutral and I felt a sense of gratitude for a wonderful morning and the joy of living near the ocean.

My thoughts wandered towards the realization of one of my top priorities and then the business arrangement that might help make it possible… And I began to think about the possibility that this business venture could be a failure or success.

My thoughts then shifted into a deeper analysis of why it was important to me and all the positive things that were contingent on the outcome I desired. I was thinking about the ways that a successful outcome could allow me to assist someone I’ve been able to mentor.

Then I began to get frustrated I thought: >”… what is taking so time… If the only thing I’m able to do is imagine this taking place… ? 

In just a couple of minutes , my peace of mind and awareness of the present moment was destroyed and I felt angry as well as anxious and angry…

It has a very precise idea of what should be.

If the reality isn’t in line with that image or expectation, the result is pain and frustration.

This is My Life and I’ll Do it Myself

Our minds are automatically programmed to construct what we believe to be my life, and it’s beautifully packaged with distinct boundaries that define my perception of what I am and how things work.

Who do you think is the “I”?

If you look at the depths of your eyes and continue to ask the inquiry “Who is I?” you’ll find that there is nothing!

This isn’t an idea or a concept, it’s the reality that has been experienced. This is a direct personal experiences, having gone through this particular line of inquiry myself, as a result of some very challenging situations during the last few years.

If you dig deep enough, you’ll find an abundance of thoughts about “me” thoughts “I” have, ideas thoughts, concepts and images of “me” All things that make up “how I perceive myself” and defines “my image of myself”.

After all the different layers that define who “I am” are removed, there is nothing but an operating system that is largely pre-programmed, automatic thoughts and responses that run the bones in the bag that we think of as “me”.

Metaphorically, imagine the self in the form of “Windows 10” that is aware of “self” consciousness!


Being Seeing is Believing. or is it?

As the characters from “The Matrix” We are lulled by the idea that we are seeing the way things actually are.

Why? Because it is the “Windows 10” default setting. This means:

* Check the things “out there”

* Sees separateness

* Sees a wide range of events, circumstances, and circumstances

* is bound by time and can see the past and the future.

* Views the present in the present moment through its own internal map of reality that it connects seamlessly to its memories of the past and its conjecture and projection of the future.

We are lulled by our thoughts. We are stuck in our thoughts and we are unable to think of a way out of this situation.

There is absolutely no alternative to the normal human mind’s functioning.

We often confuse the map with the territory.

Seeing as believing the default setting for us.

However, as we become more aware, and in the voids in our thinking, we realize that we are beyond the narrow and conventional self-perception.

We’re certainly not “Windows 10”!

When we are experiencing this, we realize that we are energetic or spiritual beings, and that we are all connected and are part of one, all-embracing everything.

The barriers of separation dissolve.

“Windows 10” is not a kinetic being , and its purpose and expectation are dependent on the circumstances.

An Illustration for Personal Use

I remember a time like this in which I was ensconced in, and focused onthe the circumstances. I was looking beyond myself at the circumstances in search of proof that I could be sure that my goals could be feasible.

I was looking beyond myself at circumstances in search of proof that I could be sure that my motives were feasible.

Then I realized that expectation, or belief is an internal state and that my perception of life was ultimately based on it.

Do not keep looking beyond your own circumstances, or to the surrounding environment, to see if you can find proof of how it could all go according to plan.

It begins within the person you are. It is important to feel it initially, and then things will shift and your goals will become reality.

The Seeing is Believing and Dropping the “How? 

The act of letting go and letting go of that “How?” is a struggle for the ego since the act of letting go is one of surrender , of surrendering control.

It is also an issue of character. People who view themselves as the leaders and in charge may have a difficult time. Most of the time, we only let go once we have reached the point of despair.

Alternately, we could employ the following, less drastic and less stressful method:

* Be content with the present moment and accept the present moment as it is.

* Thank God and express gratitude for the good things that happen – regardless of the circumstances.

* Connect to your higher self/higher spiritual self through the practice of gratitude that is advanced.

* Look at the final result and the final outcome you want. This is the most important thing to feel it and be grateful.

* Take Action – and follow your the inner guidance, prompts and intuitive signals as they come up and act to maximum abilities. When you take action, simply act. Do not think about it, and let go of any attachment to the result.

* And lastly, and perhaps most important – THE GESTATION PERIOD Understand it and believe in it. take it on and stick with it.

“Stop worrying about how it’s going to go down and Begin Believing It Will”

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