Videoblogging (Vlog) – The Next Internet Craze

Ok, so by now we all know what a blog is , and some of us own and maintain an online blog of our own. But have you had the pleasure of hearing about a vlog? If not, no worries this is a concept that’s been around for less than one year. A vlog (or video blog) is a blog that makes use of video as its main presentation format. It is a medium for sharing video content. Vlog posts typically include text, images and meta data that provide information or a summary of the video. Videobloggers and Vloggers make videoblogs. The act of creating videos is known as videoblogging.

As you can observe, this is a new section of a blog. However, instead of writing content like I do now, users present their information through the format of video. This new version of blogging is fascinating to many since people find it more fascinating than reading through pages of text. They would prefer to spend 10 minutes watching an individual’s video rather than reading an article. Both blogs and vlogs are among my top choices. It all depends on what topic is being covered. If the topic is how to bake chocolate chip cookies (mmmm) and I’d rather watch a vblog of someone actually making the cookies and walking me through the process. However, if the topic is about how Google recently launched their latest news archive search, then I’d prefer to read a blog than be forced to listen to someone discuss it for 10 minutes.

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If you are interested in making your own videoblog, explains how you can videoblog for no cost. provides instructions on how to create a videoblog for a fee. or are both available as an all-in-one solution. If you’re interested watching and commenting on other’s videos, you can subscribe to or

I’m very interested to see what happens when we vlog. In the next couple of years I’m sure that a few Vlogs will become famous for their content. We’ve seen this happen with blogging. Numerous sites like and TechCrunch have witnessed this happen through blogging. Vlogging is a new medium of marketing for businesses.

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