How To Make Money From Article Writing

I’ll be the very first to admit that writing an article isn’t an easy process , but it could be very profitable as a marketing strategy if you’re systematic in applying the proper principles.

The idea when creating an article is to assist others with the expertise and knowledge you’ve gained as a person. But, your information will not be very helpful or your expertise appreciated if the article doesn’t receive any publicity. There are two main factors that influence the amount of exposure your article receives.

The first place to go is where you decide to submit your articles to be published online. A great way to get exposure is by submitting your article to top article submission websites like Ezine Articles, Articles Base, Go Articles, and Articles Hub. There are many other sites available, but these four are the best of the bunch.

The second factor of exposure is your choice and use of keywords. When writing your essay, be sure to pick the two keywords you want it to be found on. Utilizing a keyword tool such as Keyword Spy Pro you can discover the keywords that are in high demand (by worldwide search results) however they are also low in competition.

Utilize the more dominant of the two keywords based off the criteria above for your primary keyword, meaning it appears in a minimum of 34% of your text. As an example, suppose your keyword is “making money online”, it would appear three to four times in every 100 words of your article. While “making money online” is comprised of three words, it’s considered to be a single word if it is used consistently throughout your article in the same word order. The other keyword you choose should have a 2-3% density in your content.

Be sure to include an amalgamation of both keywords in your title, as it will allow your article to be easily found by other users who type the words in their searches.

The desire to rank higher in search results will make you want to increase their density , but keep in mind that doing this will be considered to be spamming, which could result in your post being found to be ranked very low on search engines and denied when it is submitted to website for article submissions.

The trick to great article writing is to make sure you itechways  write the article to appeal to the reader first. Don’t let the keywords get in the way of writing a smooth informative and useful article, and thus earning money online. Incorporate your keywords in such a way that appears natural for the readers. Once you’ve written for the readers , then you can edit it and revise it to make it more search engine friendly. Remember, initially write about content, then cash later..

Speaking of cash, once you have your perfectly written article in hand you can start to monetize it.

The first step is to write an article with the goal to use it exclusively on search engines. This lets you put multiple links back to products and services on which you get commissions. For instance, using the keywords ‘buy weight loss pills’ and “weight loss reviews” you can create an article comparing couple of weight loss products you are already familiar with. If you don’t, then maybe you should Google some information or even better, be writing about something that you know about.

Due to the keywords mentioned above, when a person comes across your blog via an online search, you know that they are looking for weight loss reviews with the intent of purchasing. They would be considered to be a presold client. Therefore, all you need to do is convince them on what you’re presenting. You’ve probably already included in your post affiliate links to weight loss supplements you’re promoting.

Based off of your review’s recommendations, the user will most likely visit the offer(s) you’re selling and when they purchase you’ll get paid. If your content is well written , they will think of your offer as genuine, which is it, and from there comes the payout.

Another method of making money from article writing is to submit articles to websites like the ones we mentioned earlier. They have more strict guidelines regarding what types of self-promotion or links are allowed into the article(s), however the advantage of submission sites is that they permit you to have an information box that allows you to include links to your site, or promote an affiliate deal.

Make sure you follow the guidelines of the websites for submissions and you’ll begin to realize that the rewards exceed the time and effort you put in. It’s possible to earn a more lucrative payout if others start to re-post your article on their sites. If this happens repeatedly, the back links and exposure to the site you put in the resource box are priceless.

Writing articles is an excellent method of earning money online. Contrary to other strategies for marketing, it is a free way of promoting yourself, your products, and making sales. This also gives you an added value in that you are giving useful information to other users.

The last reason the reason you should start writing articles is that once you write and post an article , it is available accessible on the internet for ever. The more people come across your article the more sales you can achieve. You could be making sales today from an article you wrote ten years ago.

So don’t let the writing monster scare you because the cash-making superhero is on its footsteps.

If you’re new to article marketing , I’d suggest beginning with some type of coaching. There are experts out there who will provide you with some great guidance. These are the guidelines I employ to earn money online with my article writing. Since I’m doing this, I’m sure that you can learn the tricks to start earning money online through your articles.

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